Welcome to HUIT Customer Billing

The Infrastructure and Support Services organizational units of HUIT deliver IT services to the Harvard community, supported primarily through cost-recovery financial models in each of the service areas. Departments are charged through Harvard's General Ledger system, and Affiliated Institutions are sent invoices for payment through Harvard's Accounts Receivable system. Monthly statements itemizing all services, rates, GL coding, and quantities are electronically sent to the designated financial contacts for each HUIT account. We strive to provide valued services and offer the benefits of enterprise scale, breadth of expertise, and consolidation for cost efficiencies.

A HUIT Customer Account is assigned as part of the initial subscription process for HUIT services. This unique 5-digit HUIT Customer Code is also an important data element when provisioning new services. A single department/school may have one or many HUIT Customer accounts depending on budget complexity.

Why can't I just provide a GL code? As a service organization within Harvard, HUIT maintains additional key information about each customer account to better serve each of these self-designated groups within the Harvard community.

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